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tech requirements

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(Setup and rehearsal/fine-tuning time = approx 4 to 6 hours)

A square or slightly rectangular space of at least 12 m2 with the possibility of installing a small camera and a diffused light source directly above at a height of 4 to 5 meters.
The space could be closed (a room) or open (part of a larger space), and could possibly adapt itself to other kinds of spaces not yet foreseen, as long as the space is fairly quiet and well-lit, and that the camera can be placed high enough to make an appropriate interactive space.

1 computer G4 1.5 gHz minimum or a G5
1 soundcard with 5 outputs (4+1sub)
1 camera of type « firewire webcam »
(preferably a UniBrain, )
2 good quality 10m firewire cables with 1 firewire repeater.
(one 20m cable might work, but it would have to be verified)
camera mount for the webcam 4 to 5 meters above the installation space, facing directly down.
(The UniBrain contains a standard camera mount which simply requires a reducer to connect to a standard tripod head)

4 discrete speakers mounted on speaker stands or else on the walls in the four corners of the space, plus a sub-woofer. Amplification at least 250W.

A diffused lighting source, as close to the camera as possible to minimize shadows.

220v supply and multistrip
1 space in proximity to the installation for the computer and amplifiers.